Live Again


General questions

When will this study take place?

The concert will take place on Saturday 29 May 2021. Tests will be carried out during the 3 days preceding the event.


Why did you choose the Accor Arena in Paris?

This venue is emblematic of cultural and high-level sporting action in Paris, France and internationally. It belongs to the City of Paris, which graciously makes it available for experimentation.

It brings together all the conditions required to ensure the safety of participants and guarantee the quality of the measures necessary for the scientific study: dimensions of the spaces for a standing configuration, equipment, suitable access, ventilation, etc.

Choosing a place in Paris is also motivated by the support of the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France Region and the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris.


Which artists will be programmed for this experimental concert?

It will be the group Indochine and Etienne de Crécy in opening (DJ set).


Will it be possible to follow this concert remotely on radio, television or livestream?

It is above all a scientific experiment. It is not planned to offer a video or radio recording of the concert. We hope, however, that this experimentation will actively contribute to organizing concerts again as soon as possible.


What health protocol will be implemented?

As part of this experiment promoted by AP-HP, a strict health protocol will be put in place to control and reduce risks, during this gathering without physical distancing :
- wearing a surgical mask (given at the entrance)
- provision of hydroalcoholic solution
- negative test carried out at most 3 days before
- no bars, no catering
- optimized ventilation of the venue
- test of production teams and artists

In addition, the study's inclusion and non-inclusion criteria guarantee a high level of safety for the participants (people at risk cannot participate in this experiment).


When will the results of this study be communicated?

The results of the study will be published during the summer, in the weeks following the experiment.

Specificities of the study

What is the difference between Ambition Live Again and the SPRING study?

SPRING* is the scientific study promoted by AP-HP on which is based the Ambition Live Again project organized by PRODISS, the french national union of musical and variety shows.

*SPRING: Study on PRevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a large INdoor Gathering event (name of scientific study sponsored by AP-HP).


Similar experiences have already taken place in Europe, how is Ambition Live Again different?

There are several types of studies, some so-called "interventional" whose manifestation is designed by the team of researchers themselves, and others called "non-interventional" which use an existing manifestation to study a subject.

For example, the study carried out in Spain in March 2021 was “non-interventional”, with only one group of people participating in the concert, without comparison with a control group, making it possible to precisely estimate the number of people infected over the same period and in the same territory. The number of positive people at the end of the concert (1 to 2 weeks later) was compared to the number of cases recorded by health agencies (figure unspecified).

The SPRING* trial of the Ambition Live Again project is based on a different methodology comparing 2 groups of people to demonstrate that there is no increased risk of contamination linked to the concert but a number of cases similar to the control group.

At the end of these various studies carried out in different countries, the results will be brought together to be compared in order to help design a health protocol for the resumption of concerts and cultural events.

*SPRING: Study on PRevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a large INdoor Gathering event (name of the scientific study promoted by AP-HP).


Test concerts are already planned in France, why do several?

Each of the test concerts being studied in France offers specific and complementary health protocols. Some will take place in seated configurations, others in smaller gauges.

For example, for the test concert to be held at the Dôme de Marseille, volunteer students are recruited for two evenings of 1000 people organized one week apart, in a seated configuration.

All these studies will provide answers for all concert configurations (standing, seated, indoors, outdoors, etc.).


Why this study is only with people tested negative?

The main health measures to limit viral transmission are wearing a mask, physical distancing and ventilation of closed spaces. A negative screening test makes it possible to limit the risks of transmission when the physical distance (1-2 meters) cannot be respected and the wearing of a mask cannot be fully guaranteed for the duration of the concert.

In addition, scientific studies are subject to very strict regulations that do not allow contagious people to come into contact with other people.


Why 5,000 people?

This corresponds to the gauge beyond which concerts and gatherings have been prohibited since March 2020. This large-scale format is complementary to other initiatives proposed in France. The measurements carried out may be extrapolated for any event with a dimension less than the minimum, or even for events with higher gauges, such as festivals, if the circumstances allow it.

Terms of participation

How to help, get involved, participate?

Your support is precious to us. To contribute to this unique research format, a registration form will be available soon in order to collect all the requests from people wishing to participate.


Is this experiment open to everyone?

Participation in this study is subject to a certain number of inclusion and non-inclusion criteria (age, place of residence, risk factors, etc.).
Registration for this experiment is limited to residents of the Paris region in France.


Why does this study not include people over the age of 45?

Age is a risk factor for severe COVID-19 illness, especially over the age of 60. Compared to 2020, the share of COVID-19 cases in people aged 45-64 hospitalized in intensive care increased over the period from January to April 2021. This is certainly due to the arrival of new variants and the campaign to vaccination of older people (Public Health France data). It was therefore decided to only include people between 18 and 45 years old to avoid any severe form acquired during the SPRING study.


Why is participation in this study restricted to residents of Paris region?

This selection criterion is motivated by the desire to avoid the mixing of the population. As part of this study, AP-HP researchers are keen not to displace large numbers of people in the territory, in order to avoid an increased risk of contamination with the virus. On the other hand, the course of the participants implies a proximity with the Paris region in particular to carry out the antigenic test, the signature of the consent on 26, 27 or 28 May at the Accor Arena and the return by the Post office of the salivary self-samples on 29 May and 5 June.


Can I participate with friends?

You can register with your loved ones individually. This is above all a scientific experiment and not a traditional concert. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate with them. Due to the different phases of the draw and randomization, group registration is not possible.


Is participation free?

Registration and participation in this experiment are completely free. It is strictly forbidden to charge participants in a clinical study in France. This is financed by public and private partners in a process of general interest.


How does the random draw work to participate in the study?

Several random draws will be held during the registration period. If you are selected, you will receive an email inviting you to make an appointment for a COVID-19 screening at the Accor Arena from Wednesday 26 May to Friday 28 May.
If you do not receive an e-mail, wait a bit, new raffles may be made in the following days.


I am vaccinated, can I still participate?

Yes, the experiment is open to people who have been vaccinated. On the other hand, if you are selected, you will still have to follow all the steps of the protocol, including the various antigenic and saliva tests.


If I am selected in the “control” group that does not participate in the concert at the Accor Arena, do I have to stay at home?

No, you can continue with your usual activities, whether it is on 29 May or in the days following.
However, your participation is essential, we are counting on you to take the saliva samples and send them on 29 May and 5 June.

An initiative proposed by

PRODISS Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris

We are performing arts professionals: producers, distributors, venues, festivals … grouped together within the PRODISS (the french national union of musical and variety) as well as a team of scientists from the AP-HP.